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Mario Fictional Character | Super Mario Maker | Mario Bros Game | Mario Plumber

Mario Fictional Character | Super Mario Maker  | Mario Bros Game  | Mario Plumber 


We all thank a Fictional Character, Mario, for the precious moments it gave us during our childhood. It was soothing to spend hours playing Mario on the 8-bit console, but then we barely gave a thought to the origin of it, the background it was brought to light as we were then busy enjoying our best days of our lives.

Nevertheless, now we can learn more about Mario the Fictional Character, who gave us happiness beyond imagination while growing up.

Mario Fictional Character

Mario is a fictional character created for the Mario video game franchise. It is owned by Nintendo and imagined and created by the prolific Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

In the game, the character of Mario is portrayed as chubby, short Italian plumber who dwells in the Mushroom Kingdom.

We have had the pleasure of experiencing the adventures of Mario, which generally revolved around rescuing Princess Peach from the antagonist the King Koopa—Bowser. It was always fun dumping Bowser into the hell pit and home Mario into the castle.

Our hero Mario was not all by himself, he did have a sibling in the form of younger brother Luigi, who also plays his subordinate in the game.

Since its creation, Mario made an appearance in more than 200 Video Games. It is the eponymous protagonist of the series, and also serves as the company’s (Nintendo’s) mascot.

How Super Mario Maker Made The Character 

super mario maker

Creation of Mario is an interesting story. Mr. Miyamoto was toiling hard to attain the success after the failure of Sheriff for Nintendo; which followed the grand success of Pack-Man.  In this attempt, Mr. Miyamoto created Mario while working on Donkey Kong.

The initial idea of Mr. Miyamoto was to make a video game which would work with the characters Popeye, Bluto and Olive Oyl, but it didn’t work out as Mr. Miyamoto was unable to obtain the license to utilize the characters in the game.  Thus, this directed him to make unnamed player characters; Donkey Kong, and Lady (afterward known as Pauline).

Mario didn’t have the feature to jump in the initial stages of Donkey Kong; the core focus of the character was to escape the maze. But, Miyamoto created the feature that allowed Mario to jump, saying “If you had a barrel rolling towards you, what would you do?”

In the Japanese release of the game, the protagonist was unnamed. But it got the name Jump-man in the game’s English manual and Mario printed in the sales brochures. Originally, Miyamoto termed the character as ‘Mr. Video”, though.

Mario Fictional Character: Story Behind the Name

Story behind the name mario
Mario is a household name now. But Mario Segale, the former landlord of Nintendo of America should have not even anticipated the fame his first name would get back then.

One of the widely circulated tales conveys, that at the time localization of Donkey Kong for the American game space, the landlord of Nintendo America, Mario Segale confronted then-Nintendo President Minoru Arakawa, claiming back rent. After a blazing argument, the Nintendo employees ultimately convinced Mr.Segale he would be paid. And later, decided to name the character Mario after him.

Mario Plumber

Mario Plumber

In Miyamoto’s words, the profession of Mario was selected to fit with the game design. As the setup of Donkey Kong was on a construction site, Mario was given the profession of a carpenter. However, Mario was made to a plumber in Mario Bros Game. Mainly because the major part of the game is played in an underground setting, and Plumber was an appropriate fit with the background.

The features of Mario are very smartly designed to connect with the masses.

The concept of the large nose was drawn from the west, and once Mario turn to a plumber, the creator of Mario—Miyamoto resolved to “put him in New York” and turn him Italia—attributing to his mustache; on a lighter note, it pointed the nationality of the character. 

Before skinning into plumber’s costume, Mario was chosen to be a carpenter to portray the character as a general laborer, which also makes it easier for players to identify with him.

It was a colleague who suggested Miyamoto that Mario bears a resemblance to a plumber with large nose and mustache. Thus, Mr. Miyamoto switched Mario’s profession and developed Mario Bros, featuring the character in the sewers of New York City.

Costume, Colour, And Feature of Mario Fictional Character

Mario Costume Color and Features.jpg

Miyamoto clothed Mario in red overalls and blue shirt. The color red and blue wasn’t quite out of choice, but due to lack of graphical advancement of arcade hardware at the time. The color also brought contrast against the two pieces of costumes, and the background: which enhanced the Mario Fictional Character on the screen for players. 

With overall and shirt, the creator of Mario added a red cap. The idea behind adopting a cap was to do away with drawing the character’s forehead, hairstyle, and eyebrows. This also evaded the issue of animating Mario’s hair while he jumped.

Miyamoto gave Mario prominent features such as a mustache and a large nose to make him visible human-like onscreen, despite his small size. The design also kept the maker away from the need of drawing and animating mouth and facial expressions.

The Success of Mario Fictional Character And Various Adaptations And Uses

Mario franchise proudly attains the title of best-selling video game franchise of all time, all thanks to the sale of 500 million units worldwide. 

The game and the character is limitless. Beyond the Super Mario platform series, Mario was seen in genres like Sports Games such as The Mario Tennis, Mario Golf series, and the Mario Kart racing series. 

His role-Playing Games include Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG. And the character was also made an appearance in educational games like Mario is Missing, Mario Teaches Typing and Mario’s Time Machine.

Further, the franchise has adapted into various media: including films, televisions shows, comics, and licensed merchandise.  

Miyamoto’s excellence—Mario has been embraced by all with open arms, it connects with every age and even today the Character is taking its (more than three decades) legacy forward.


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