Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Samsung’s AR Emoji Feature Isn’t a Copy of Apple’s Animoji, Says Samsung Mobile Chief.

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Samsung’s AR Emoji Feature Isn’t a Copy of Apple’s Emoji, Says Samsung Mobile Chief.
Since the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, the AR Emoji has been seen as an inspiration from Apple’s Animoji. However, Samsung is rebutting to this ‘inspirational claim’. In fact, during the launch event of the Galaxy S9 series on Sunday, the South Korean tech-giant mocked at Apple, by stating why it didn’t favor a notch or fingerprint sensors which made the iPhone X popular and a unique model.

DJ Koh, head of Samsung mobile, while in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, state that the Galaxy S9 series AR Emoji isn’t a rip off of Apple, and he had especially looked into the whole animated 3D Emoji characters feature for flip phones, many moons back in 2001. Back then, he was notably heading the mobile research and development team at Samsung. 

"Their (Apple's) approach and my approach is totally different," Koh told the newspaper, adding, "I do work seriously based on my own roadmap."

Koh’s words gave some respite to Samsung. But, it’s easy to figure out how the launch event of the Galaxy S9 family was used by Samsung to hit Apple’s similar range smartphone, iPhone X. The event teased the iPhone X notch and explained why it opted for a fingerprint scanner instead for the Galaxy S9 series.  Their reason was simple: it (the fingerprint scanner) has been moved to avoid accidental touches on the primary lens of the Galaxy S9 series flagships.

Samsung stated, "We've created a design so sleek and unified, you can hardly tell where the screen ends. And as always, you know, there's no notch." Further, the company said that it did provide a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S9 family as it is one of the "most popular ways to unlock our phones". And yes, in the flow, Samsung missed the mention of the facial recognition feature to unlock the smartphone.

Let’s differentiate the Samsung’s AR Emoji and Apple’s Animoji.

Samsungs AR emoji lets you create a virtual avatar of yourself in the form of a 3D image; which you can use an Emoji. In total, you get 18 different options to choose and customize your avatar and share with others. Notably, Samsung lets you share your Emoji with non-Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphone users in different forms like GIFs, photos, or video.

Wherein, Apple’s Animoji, records your facial expressions via the TrueDepth camera system of the iPhone X to produce custom animated characters which are not human, but in a 3D form of cat, unicorn, poop, and recently announced dragon, lion or bear.  Also, it’s worth a mention that unlike  Samsung’s AR Emoji, Apple’s Animoji are only exclusive to iPhone X users, so far. 

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