Sunday, 4 March 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9+ beats Pixel 2, iPhone X in DxOMark test, Scoring highest ever 104 in photo test

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DxOMark gives the first position to Samsung Galaxy S9+ for camera performance. Leaving the industries much-loved smartphones like the iPhone X and the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9+ has managed to grab the number one spot.

This came after the camera tests performed by DxOmark, in which, the Samsung flagship obtained the industry best of 104 in photo tests. But, lagging behind in video performance, where the Galaxy S9+ camera only survives with a score of 91.

The rating of the smartphone by DxOmark is done on the basis of several tests performed under controlled environments. These tests are carried out on smartphone’s camera ability in dark lighting, and in brightly lit conditions and pictures using the device’s flash.

The official blog of the DxOMarks’s says:"DxOMark's Mobile scores and rankings are based on testing every camera using an identical, extensive process that includes shooting nearly 1,500 images and dozens of clips totaling more than two hours of video. The tests take place in both lab and real-world situations, using a wide variety of subjects."

The Galaxy S9+ is the high-end variant of the two flagship smartphones unveiled by Samsung a day before the MWC in Barcelona. The basic variant Samsung Galaxy S9 has the same primary camera lens like the S9+, however, it lacks the secondary lens (a telephoto lens) which helps the smartphone get bokeh effect.

The primary camera of the Galaxy S9+ is a 12-megapixel primary lens with an adjustable aperture of f/1.5 or f/2.4. The flexibility to switch to the additional wide aperture of f/1.5 allows the smartphone to capture crisp pictures even in tremendously low light conditions.

The secondary camera of the smartphone comes with a 2x telephone lens with a` f/2.4 aperture. And these two lenses bring optical image stabilization on the Galaxy S9+. Moreover, the camera also gets a Dual-pixel PDAF on the main camera unit.

The camera on the newly launched flagships can take 4K videos at 60fps. However, at the launch event, the company have demonstrated an interesting feature— slo-mo capture on the Galaxy 9+; you can capture 960fps at 720p resolution.

The Galaxy S9+ head by a mere 6 points, and closely followed by Google Pixel 2 with an overall score of 98, which is followed by iPhone X with an overall score of 97, in DxOMark ranking.

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