Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Forget the Galaxy Fold: Take a Look at Samsung's New Dual-Screen Phone Design

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Samsung may experience some difficulty with its Galaxy Fold at the present time, yet that doesn't mean it's abandoning double screen gadgets. 
Samsung Dual Display Patent
Credit: Lets Go Digital/Samsung/USPTO

On the contrary, the people over at Let's Go Digital have found another Samsung patent application that portrays an all-new device that flaunts a double screen design. The patent seems to demonstrate a device with a full-sized front display with an 18.5:9 viewpoint ratio on one side and a little screen on the back with a clear perspective aspect of approximately 4:3. 

Screen measure aside, it creates the impression that the patent demonstrates no front-facing selfie camera, which would apparently mean you'd have to flip the smartphone around and utilize the small back window as your viewfinder for taking photographs. It also means that the patent could open pathways for a complete end to end screen design that does exclude an unattractive notch or a punch hole where the camera would be. 

What's unclear, in any case, is the thing that the back display may be used for. It's likely that this panel will go about as a basic notification pane and convey other data, for instance, instant messages or messages. 

At last, the patent represents Samsung's conviction that what's to come is in one of a unique smart-phone design that may incorporate more than one display. The organization is putting forth something comparable in the Galaxy Fold, which may hit stores later this year after a long delay. We've also observed different patent from Samsung that indicate to some use of double displays. 

Other companies have taken off double screen smartphones with little achievement — anybody recollects the Yota telephone? — yet maybe Samsung could pull something like this off with more smarter software. 

Obviously, the patent doesn't really imply that the item will advance toward store shelves. Samsung, like other huge organizations, patents new designs and tech every now and then. We'll need to check whether the organization transforms this into a reality and not leave it as only a concept.

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