Monday, 17 June 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Starting to Get the Galaxy S10’s Camera Night Mode

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Samsung has been occupied since last few weeks updating their 2018 ace flagship. A week ago, the Galaxy S9/S9+ got the dedicated camera Night Mode feature. Presently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is getting a similar feature. This camera highlight isn't to be mistaken for Samsung's system-wide dark theme that is additionally called "Night Mode" (fix this, Samsung). 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 features launched with a camera highlight called "Bright Night." This is an automatic feature that is enabled when the camera recognizes a dim scene. Samsung, in the long run, hauled the feature out as a manual control called "Night" mode, which is presently going to the Galaxy Note 9. This gives users the choice to change to Night Mode on their own, much like Google's Night Sight feature. 

The Night Mode feature itself has got mix words from the users and critics. Many people appear to agree it's not so effective as low-light modes from different OEMs. The update for the Galaxy Note 9 brings the Night Mode camera feature as well as the ability to check QR codes without Bixby Vision and the June 2019 security patches. QR codes would now be able to be scanned directly with the camera from a Quick Settings toggle. 

The firmware update comes in at 703.98 MB and it should be rolling out at present, however, it will be some time before it hits all Galaxy Note 9 users around the globe.

Source: [SamMobile]

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