Monday, 17 June 2019

Eventually, Xiaomi is Adding An App Drawer and App Shortcuts in MIUI Launcher

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One of the main talking aspects of the POCO Launcher, that was rolled as the default launcher ran over MIUI with the POCO F1 a year ago, was its application drawer. This is because the MIUI traditionally lacked app drawer, pushing clients to depend on third-party launchers. That is going to change soon with Xiaomi really testing an application drawer in stock MIUI launcher with app short-cuts.

With the most recent alpha form of the MIUI launcher, with version, is, at last, getting an app launcher. In light of the screen shorts mentioned below, we discover that users ought to have the option to tap on the middle button in the app bar located at the base of the home screen to open the app drawer. For the present, a swipe from the bottom does not seem to open the app drawer.

At the point when the app drawer is extended, the recently used apps are set on the top while other apps are listed, of course, in alphabetical order. There's a downward facing pointer (an arrow shape) on the top which users can tap on the button to collapse the app drawer. You can't swipe down on the app cabinet to close it until further notice, yet you can use the back button.

Other than the welcome update of the app drawer, the MIUI launcher alpha also presented with app shortcuts. These are sets of quick action which show up when the app icon is pressed for quite some time. Released with Android 7.0 Nougat, app shot-cuts enable the user to launch a particular part of the app directly to carry out certain key tasks.

The MIUI launcher is in the alpha phase of development, so we can anticipate that it should get refined after over time. Presently, the launcher may not be completely stable or may crash during use, so we'd not recommend you to use it as your default launcher. In case you wish to give it an attempt, you can download it via the link below. Do take note of that unlike the POCO Launcher, this launcher is constraint only to devices running MIUI. 

To initiate the app drawer after you've installed the new launcher, Long press on the home screen, then tap on Settings, and then on More. Here, irrespective of your system language, you'll get an option in the Chinese language in the settings (group) "Home Screen Settings." Tap on it and it will take you to a page with two choices for the home screen. This page's content will be also in Chinese, don't panic, there you'll be able to see the option for the app drawer, according to the attached graphic. (You can see our screen captures above.) 

Despite the fact that there might be a few inconsistencies in the launcher as of now, we anticipate that they should be resolved as it moves to beta and in the end to the stable version. We have no clue with respect to when Xiaomi plans to launch this officially however we trust it is soon.

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