Monday, 3 June 2019

Xiaomi Latest Patent Indicating The Company is Working On an In-display Camera

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Xiaomi. (File Photo-IANS)

To beat the competition and set new standards, the smartphone companies  are toiling hard to innovate and maximise the phone screen and constrain the bezels to as small as possible. To achieve this extraordinary high screen-to-body ratio the makers have to bring intelligent techniques to put together the Front camera, notches, pop-out sliders, punch-hole displays, and even at times additing a secondary screen at the back, and recently a rotating camera. Presently, the Chinese Mobile Giant, Xiaomi has just revealed that the company is working on an incredibly innovative technology to make space for the selfie shooter.

One of the  Xiaomi’s patent floating on the internet indicates that the company is in process to bring an in-display camera. From the rough translation of this patent it is learnt that there is a secondary display under the main display which is in from of a camera and light sensor. 

The camera operates in such a way that it become visible when it is needed and invisible when not is use. That is basically the gist of what patent is trying to convey and obviously, there more details that the technology offers that need to understand.

The South Korean Smartphone Giant is also working on a prototype which will place the selfie camera under the display, as a result, it will give a completely notch-free experience while preserving an IP rating for water-proofing. These details has been shared by Samsung Mobile’s vice president of the Display R&D group, Yang Byung Duk, and it has now been confirmed by the South Korean media.

If this technology is implemented correctly then pop-out sliders and notches could be a trend that went away rapidly.

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