Saturday, 6 July 2019

Samsung Charged With Misleading Galaxy Phone Series Buyers Over Water Resistance

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Water Resistence- Samsung

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is suing  Samsung over charges it misled the consumers over the nature of different smartphones' water resistance. Samsung has depicting smartphones in or close to unviable conditions, for example, pools and seas since 2016, the ACCC claims, when it didn't have a premise to make this representation.
 “The ACCC alleges Samsung’s advertisements falsely and misleadingly represented Galaxy phones would be suitable for use in, or for exposure to, all types of water, including in ocean water and swimming pools, and would not be affected by such exposure to water for the life of the phone, when this was not the case,”

ACCC Chair Rod Sims said. The claim depends on an audit of in excess of 300 promotions and advertisements.

Different Galaxy telephones are promoted as having IP68 water resistance, implying that they can remain in waters 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. In any case, as the ACCC calls attention to, that doesn't cover a wide range of water, and Samsung itself says that the Galaxy S10 isn't exhorted for shoreline use. 

"Samsung showed the Galaxy phones used in situations they shouldn’t be to attract customers,,"
Sims further adds, disputing that Samsung constrained users to take inform decision as they value the water resistance feature in smartphones.

 Samsung discloses to Reuters that it's stands for its marketing and plans to battle the case.

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