Sunday, 14 February 2021

Four Path-Breaking IT Inventions That Changed the World

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India has been pouring out great innovations from the time Ayrabhata gave Zero to the world. The list of inventions went on increasing as time progressed. In the modern era, India has contributed immensely to world technology, out of these let us learn about four path-breaking Technology by Indians that changed the world. 

1.Sabeer Bhatia’s Hotmail

The world’s first free web-based email service was possible due to the inception of Hotmail— the brainchild of an Indian, Sabeer Bhatia. Hotmail was launched on July 4, 1996, by Sabeer and one of his associates Jack Smith. In many initial pitches Sabeer and his team were mocked for providing free web-based email services, but in the December of 1997 Mircosoft Corp acquired Hotmail.

2. Ajay Bhatt – The Developer of Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Today, USB is among the top significant technologies in computer space. We cannot thank enough Ajay Bhatt, an Indian computer architect for this gem. The pre USB computer world worked on serials and parallel ports to plug devices into a computer for data transfer. Ajay comprehended the USB technology in 1994, with time he has patent one hundred and thirty-two inventions in the USA and internationally, and many more in the process of filing.

3. Dr Narinder Singh Kapany’s Fiber Optics

It may strike as a surprise, that Dr Narinder Singh Kapany, a physicist of Indian-origin is regarded as the creator of the first fiber optic cable invented in 1952, based on initial experiments by John Tyndall three decades earlier. The term Fibre Optics was coined by Dr Narinder Singh Kapany in an article in Scientific American Magazine in the 1960s. He was the New Field’s top researcher, writer, and spokesperson, and also wrote a book about the new field.

4. Vinod Dham and Pentium Chip

It is common knowledge that Pentium microprocessor chips are the heart and soul of the speed and performance of a computer.  But a few are familiar that the first Pentium chip was invented by Vinod Dham, an Indian origin technologist, in 1993. He along with his team developed the Pentium Chip at Intel.  And now, he is known as the father of Pentium processors in the industry.

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