Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip to come in eight color options

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For several years Samsung has been working on foldable devices, and we saw few when the company had launched devices in this category recently. After the "initial launches" the South Korean giant, is currently all prepared to unveil its latest versions of its foldable smartphones.

There are reports simmering about the to-be-launched Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones. However, the fresh set of information indicates the color options these devices will have.

As per the disclosed reports, these devices will provide eight color options to choose from. These colors range from Green to Purple, Beige, Black, White, Gray, Dark Blue, Green, to Pink; at the time these are just shades-the actual names of the colors may differ.

So it is confirmed that at launch you will get eight colors to pick from for your Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, however, we cannot rule out the possibility of more colors after the launch; which could be restricted to certain regions.

The smartphone is expected to be in a similar design as its predecessor, however, this successor will have a more refined design. Reportedly, the device will come with two batteries bundled together at a rated capacity of 3200mAh.

We have to wait for a launch date for Samsung Galaxy Z flip smartphones, but we can guess it time would be the same time around the launch date of its predecessor - July or August. 



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