Thursday, 1 April 2021

Xiaomi unveils a new visual identity; includes a new logo and font

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There's been a new visual identity (new logo and new typography) unveiled as part of Xiaomi's Mega Launch today.

NDC President and professor Kenya Hara designed the new logo. Xiaomi has chosen rounded corners for its new logo, much like the icon packs available on the market. The old logo, which was a square, has been replaced with a squircle.

It is unsurprising that the design of the logo has a lot of philosophical explanations and technical parameters. In order to achieve a dynamic balance between a square and a circle and to have a visually optimal visual impact, Xiaomi used a mathematical formula known as the "superellipse" mathematical formula.

Compared with a right-angled object, a circle is a shape that is more agile, which is the perfect representation of Xiaomi’s flexibility, relentlessness, and will to move forward.

According to the company, its colors will remain orange for its corporate brand, which is why it has kept the colour of its logo the same. The logo will also appear in Black and Silver on high-end products.

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