Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Xiaomi shares the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition’s teardown video

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On 27th April Xiaomi launched the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition, it was not only a cheapest gaming device available but it was also the first Redmi branded gaming device. The device had already proved its popularity as it was sold out as soon it was launched. And the company, in the weekend, share teardown video of the gaming device, sharing a glimpse of the internal.

In the teardown of the Redmi K40 Gaming edition, we get well-arranged internal components; which will make way for an easy repair in case the user needs one. It further reveals the aerospace-grade hexagonal boron nitride heat dissipation material- it is pasted at the back and is not far from the mainboard for heat conduction efficiency. Although the build is thin, but Redmi gaming is loaded with an infrared transmitter and an NFC coil.

In the disassembly video, we can see the motherboard and camera sensors. The phone utilizes a 64MP main sensor with ED ultra low dispersion optical lens and also loaded with a resin lens to attain an enhanced shooting effect. UFS 3.1 flash memory and the Samsung LPDDR4X memory are also shown. And the dimensity 1200 chip is fixed beneath the memory hence is not visible.

The back panel of the middle part of phone is facing the area of the processor is covered with a huge-are VC soaking plate, and the upper part is coated with silicone grease for heat conduction.

Further, the video also reveals that the lithium battery which powers and enhances the gaming experience is made by a local manufacturer--Dongguan New Energy Tech Co. LTD. (ATL), and its code name is BM56.

The shoulder button of the phone is linked to a connecting rod. Further, to get the very narrow lower frame which is just 2.7mm thick, the OLED screen comes in COP (Chip on Pi) packing. 

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