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Technology blogging  is the term that defines this blog. I' am Shoaib, the author.  With every post of this host, I diligently create content, that is, packed with the tech information of all sort. And it's all for one reason--technology. Thus, Motivating Technology.

Be it mobile phones' latest update, or software updates,  or it's shuttering Dslrs, or the innovation that had taken the world by storm--drone, or whether it's technical tips and tricks that allows you to use your modern devices with ease; and all that's related to the world of technology, or even latest technology news is posted here regularly. 

Well, if that's not enough, you can request the information you desire to acquire for your devices or any technical information in general. I may make blog about it, for you. So please feel free use the contact details below.

And, why would I do that? Simply for the pleasure of writing, writing about the technology to be precise.

Being inquisitive  on the knowledge loaded terrain of this world. I enjoy exploring technology and want others to achieve the same, and I do that by passing the knowledge by means of different mediums. In present time it's Blogger.

Everything requires support, I need it too. So feel free to follow us via blog and on social media, for amazing and useful tech updates! 


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About the Author

Recognized as Shoaib and lives Mumbai. An earnest student of the English literature, who likes to improve the language with every passing day. Equally enjoy the technology, especially that drives all aspects of the human race. And dreams that, there will be a day where we will experience the technology with zero hindrance to the atmosphere.

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